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2017 Home Improvement Trends

Today’s guest post is courtesy of Andrew Blate, owner of Beautiful Home Services, LLC. BHS is a highly rated and award winning remodeling company specializing in painting, drywall, carpentry, tile, bathroom and basement remodeling, flooring, and kitchen remodeling. BHS is licensed in MD, VA, DC and has been a leader in the industry for over 10 years.

Trends in home improvement come and go (see floral wallpaper, shag carpet, lime green appliances). However, some trends last longer. Here are a few popular trends we are seeing right now that we think will last and add value to a home without adding huge cost to the project.

1. Converting tub to a standing shower. Many homes built in the ’70s and ’80s included standard 30-32” by 60” tubs in the master and hall bathrooms. While it is important for resale to have at least one tub, you might not need or want two. One of the most common bathroom remodels we do is to remove the tub and install a tile ready shower pan to match the same foot print. We can usually do this without any major plumbing adjustments and without adding significant cost. A regular 8′ x 5’ bathroom remodel, including converting from a tub to a shower can run $10,000-18,000 (mainly depending on materials selection).

2. Painting or Staining Kitchen Cabinets (or bathroom vanities). We are constantly asked how to remodel a kitchen without spending $50,000 or more. In a kitchen remodel, the cabinets are often the single more expensive item from a labor and materials standpoint. If the old cabinets are in good condition but just looking old, we can often clean and either paint or stain them, plus install new hinges and pulls for ~10% the cost of replacing them! The paint, if maintained and not abused, can last 5+ years before it needs to be repainted. A normal single family home kitchen would run $3,500-5,500 to paint the cabinets and replace the hardware. You can combine refinishing the cabinets with a new counter top, appliances, and a backsplash and usually keep your cost well under $20,000!

3. Deck Painting. Have an old deck with splitting wood and think it needs to be replaced? Instead of replacing the deck, we can paint it! Several companies including Behr, Sherwin Williams, and Rustoleum make special deck paints. Note: You don’t want to use regular paint. Deck paints are specially formulated to deal with splintering decks and they perform very well. Cost for a 10′ x 15’ deck, including materials can run $2,500-6,000 depending on condition of the deck and will generally last 5-8 years, depending on weather, sun exposure, etc.

4. Faux hardwood Porcelain tile. It looks like real hardwood, but it’s TILE! Amazing. Faux hardwood tiles come in 15+ colors from light to dark and are great for kitchens, bathrooms, foyers, mud rooms, and basement. They look so real they will fool you. The advantage over hardwood is they won’t be damaged from water (i.e. in a bathroom, kitchen, mud room), they are easily cleaned, don’t easily scratch like wood (perfect for dogs or kids), and are inexpensive. They run ~$2-$3.5 per sq ft. for the materials. Labor would depend on location.

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