The short answer is no. While it’s a hot topic these days and sounds like a tempting option during tough times, forbearance should only be requested as a very last resort if your home is about to go into foreclosure. Requesting a forbearance does not mean your payments are forgiven, it just means they are put on hold.

Let’s say your monthly mortgage payment is $2000, and you request a forbearance of 3 months. At the end of those 3 months, you are going to either owe a lump sum of $8000 (the normal $2000/mo + the $6000 you didn’t pay for 3 months), or your loan is going to have to be restructured (usually at a higher interest rate), with that $6000 factored in to the monthly payments, making them even higher than before.

It’s a very personal decision and for some it is necessary. But please talk with a financial advisor before making the request. Even drawing on your 401k is usually a better option than forbearance.

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