A common question I get – especially in this market – is should you make repairs or updates to your home before you sell? ⁣
In a more balanced market I typically recommend more cosmetic updates and fixes before listing. In this strong seller’s market, I am recommending very little. Currently, there are only two areas I may still advise addressing:
1️⃣ Anything safety related. If you know there is faulty wiring, major leaks or foundation issues, it’s best to confront those head-on in any market.
2️⃣ Anything that is exceptionally worn to the point it looks dirty or unusable, and anything causing odors. This might include painting cabinets, replacing carpet, or freshening up paint.
You also have the option of pricing to reflect certain deficiencies. If you’re still wondering about your specific scenario, I’d love to get together and strategize!

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