The market is pretty rough for buyers right now, and you may be wondering how you can compete when it seems like there’s always someone else who can bid higher than you.
But, the highest offer doesn’t always win. Here are 4 reasons a seller may not choose the highest offer:
1. A buyer has a high down payment or a high earnest money deposit. Both of these features give the seller peace of mind that the buyer is serious and capable of getting to closing.
2. A buyer can give the seller their closing date of choice. Whether it’s a quick close or a rent back, working with the seller’s schedule can be a game-changer.
3. A buyer shares their story. Sometimes buyers want sellers to know exactly why their house is “the one.” And sometimes, that’s all it takes for a seller to agree — especially if a seller has lived in the home for decades and their move is a sentimental one.⁣
4. A buyer doesn’t ask for contingencies. Sellers love when an offer is free and clear of cumbersome contingencies that can derail a sale.⁣
These are just a few of the strategies I have in place to help buyers navigate (and win!) in this tricky market. If you’re thinking about buying this year, reach out and let’s chat!

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