▫️The national average for a bathroom remodel in 2021 is $10,919. But keep in mind that’s *not* a full-scale reno, and costs are higher in this area.
▫️According to HomeAdvisor, most homeowners spend between $6,590 and $16,359 on a bathroom remodel. 
▫️To update the essentials in a smaller bathroom, you can spend as little as $3,500 to $7,000. On a larger/master bathroom, you could spend $25,000 or more.⁣
▫️Little details matter. Even something like grout color can make a difference!
▫️Study your storage options from the get-go. Don’t overlook where you’re gonna store all your bathroom “stuff.”⁣
▫️Freestanding tubs are beautiful but if you’re an avid bather, you might not like the faster cool down and awkward storage.⁣
▫️If $10-20k isn’t in the budget, you still have options. You might be surprised what you can do with fixture changes, calming paint colors, fresh cabinet hardware, and luxury hotel bath towels.⁣
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