I have comprehensive knowledge of the area and a deep network of connections as a result of growing up in Northern Virginia. 


● I am your sole point of contact throughout the entire transaction. I am always checking in and you can always get a hold of me. 


I believe in the full-service approach to every transaction. I go beyond the basics and work with my clients every step of the way to ensure they fully understand the process and all of its moving parts. 


90% of my business is based off of referrals from past clients who valued my service.


● I have built relationships with a network of licensed vendors who are on call to address anything we need during the transaction. 


I am a member of an exclusive realtor group that allows me to exchange listings and buyer needs with other agents, often resulting in pre-market and off-market deals, as well as extra exposure for listings and early showings for buyers


I will be your biggest advocate. I negotiate assertively and work my hardest for each and every client. I examine every angle of a transaction and try to think of every opportunity to improve it. 


I make it a point to minimize the stress of the transaction. I act as the middle-man, the buffer and the sounding board for all my clients. 


My service does not end at settlement. Wonder who to call to update the kitchen in your new home? Need your closing disclosure to file your taxes? I am always available to answer questions or concerns.