Selling your home can be stressful with all of the moving parts and changes taking place. Knowing what to expect and being able to prepare ahead of time will reduce the stress you feel when your home first hits the market. Whether you’ve never sold a house before or you are a veteran seller, the common practices below will help you get prepared.

  • You will meet with your real estate agent to finalize the list price and sign the listing agreement
  • A few days before going on the market, a photographer will take pictures of your home – you’ll want your home to look show-ready at this point!
  • Right before going on the market, a For Sale sign will be installed in your yard and a lockbox will be put on your front door. The lockbox allows only licensed agents to access your home, and tracks which agents have shown the home.
  • Any marketing materials, such as brochures, will be placed in a visible area in the home.
  • The day you are scheduled to go on the market, your agent will make the listing “live” in the MLS, which distributes the information to all agents as well as all public-facing home search websites.
  • Once on the market, you will receive phone calls from agents to schedule showings. It is customary for you to leave the home during the time it is being shown.
  • Your agent should collect feedback from each showing and send you periodic reports.

Everyone’s home sale and schedule will be slightly different, and your agent will discuss in detail what schedule will work best for you.